How to Collect Multi-Currency Payments Using Bank Transfers

Multi-currency collections are available in all HitPay channels such as WooCommerce, Wix, Payment Links, Invoicing, HitPay Online Store and more.

This feature is not available for the Shopify plugin

Activation on Your HitPay Sales Channel

Activate multi-currency collections as a payment method for your HitPay Sales Channel.


Navigate to Plugin Integration

From the HitPay Dashboard, navigate to plugin integration from the left menu.


Edit or Add Integration

Click on the edit button next to your integration (or Add a new integration).


Select Multi-Currency Collection Account

Select Multi-Currency Collection Account as the payment method.

Post Activation

Bank transfers now automatically appear as a payment method on your desired HitPay sales channel.

Manually Sending Collection Account Details

Multi-currency collection account details can be found under settings > payment methods. Click on View Details next to Multi-currency collection and payouts. You may share these details with your customers for payment collection purposes.

Payment Confirmation After Bank Transfer

If your customer has paid in USD via bank transfer, once the payment has been confirmed, the transaction will be displayed as a successful transaction in the HitPay dashboard under transactions. Any multi-currency collections will be automatically credited to the appropriate wallet currency under Bank Payouts.