The payments feature in HitPay provides a streamlined and versatile payment solution for your business. Whether you’re using the HitPay hosted checkout or integrating payment gateways through our APIs and plugins, you can offer a seamless checkout experience for your customers. This section covers various aspects of the payments process, including checkout customization and accessing completed payments.

Supported Payment Methods

The following payment methods are available and fully supported on HitPay:

Payment MethodSupported CurrenciesActivation TimeMethod Code
PayNow QRSGDInstantpaynow_online
GrabPay PayLaterSGD3-5 business daysgrabpay_paylater
ShopeepaySGD3-5 business daysshopee_pay
SPayLaterSGD3-5 business daysshopee_paylater
FavePaySGD3-5 business daysfave_sgqr
Shopback PaySGD3-5 business daysshopback
AtomeSGD3-5 business daysatome
WeChat PaySGD3-5 business daysqfpay_wechat
AliPay PlusSGD3-5 business daysqfpay_alipay

Activate Payment Methods

To set up payment methods on HitPay, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Payment Methods.
  2. Click Connect on the desired payment method and enter the required information.
Once your request has been submitted, our partner providers will review your requests within 3-5 business days.

Once you have activated the payment method on HitPay, ensure that you have enabled the payment for your sales channel by following the guide below.

Enable Payment Methods by Sales Channel

HitPay users can enable payment methods based on the sales channel. The supported sales channels are as follows:

You can find more information about the plugins and step-by-step guides for each platform by clicking on them.

To enable a payment method, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Payment Gateway > Integrations.
  2. Click Add New or edit an existing integration by clicking on the edit icon.
  1. To add a new integration, click Add New and select an integration or sales channel from the list provided.

  2. Select the payment methods that you would like to activate for the selected sales channel or integration and click Save to save your changes.

Once the activated payment methods have been enabled for your sales channel, you can further enhance the payment experience by customizing the checkout experience.

HitPay Checkout Experience

HitPay offers a Smart Checkout experience that integrates multiple payment methods onto a single page, making it convenient for your customers to complete their purchases. This feature provides a user-friendly interface for payment selection and input, enhancing the overall checkout process. You can learn more about customizing the checkout experience here.

Tracking Completed Payments

You can easily monitor and manage your completed payments using HitPay’s reporting tools. Navigate to Sales and Reports > Transactions to view a comprehensive list of completed payments. This provides you with valuable insights into your revenue and customer transactions.


For any additional questions or concerns, our support team support@hit-pay.com is always available to provide assistance and ensure your account creation process is as smooth as possible.