The HitPay App provides you with the ability to monitor and analyze your business transactions. The transactions page presents crucial information about payment details at a glance, this view offers detailed insights into individual transactions, aiding in effective tracking of order specifics. This guide takes you on an comprehensive journey through the Transactions & Reports features.

Viewing Transactions

Exploring payment transactions processed through the HitPay App is simple and intuitive. To view your transactions, navigate to the Transactions tab, where a list of recent transactions are displayed.


Viewing Transaction Details

Dive deeper into transaction details by clicking on any transaction in the list. Gain access to specific information such as:

  • Payment method used
  • Transaction fees, taxes, and additional charges
  • Transaction description
  • Order details, including the list of purchased products
  • Refund details (if applicable)
  • Customer information (if applicable)
  • Location of the transaction (if applicable)
  • Cashier associated with the transaction (if applicable)

Receipts & Refunds

Receipts: Easily share receipts by clicking the Share Receipt button on the transaction details page. For more information about receipts, click here.

Refunds: You can also process refunds effortlessly from the transaction details page by clicking the Refund button.


HitPay’s reporting feature allows you to gain insights into your business’s performance. You can view various types of reports to track sales, analyze payment methods, and delve into product-specific data. Reports can help you evaluate your business strategies effectively.

To view your sales reports by navigating to the Tools tab and clicking on Reports (You can also click the icon on the top right corner of the screen from the Transactions tab).


Types of Reports

Report TypeDescriptionAccessibility
Transactions ListDisplays a list of transactions processed within a specific time period. Accessible via the Transactions Tab.Can be acccessed by navigating to the Transactions tab
Sales SummaryOffers an overview of sales within a specific time frame, including gross sales, refunds, net sales, fees, and net collected.Accessible by navigating to the Tools tab and clicking on Reports.
Sales by Payment MethodsSummarizes the number of payments, gross sales, net collected, and associated fees based on various payment methods transacted via HitPay.Accessible by navigating to the Tools tab and clicking on Reports.
Sales by Products SummaryProvides an aggregated summary of total sales for each product.Accessible by navigating to the Tools tab and clicking on Reports.
Sales by Products DetailedOffers a detailed breakdown of products sold and the quantity sold in each order.You can access this information under the transaction details by selecting the transaction from the Transactions tab.

Setting Report Filters

You can filter reports by date, location and users. Cashiers will only be able to view their own transactions and cannot view other user’s transactions.

Any reports that you see on the reports page can be printed if you have a printer connected. If you need to print your daily summary, you can update the filter and select the date as “Today.” Then, click on the Export Icon at the top right and select “Print.”

Export Transactions

Exporting of transaction is only available on the Web dashboard
You can easily export your transactions reports from the HitPay dashboard. Navigate to the Web dashboard > Bank Payouts > Transactions and click on Export Transactions button, select the colums you would like to include and click on Download button. Once the export is completed an email will be sent to you.

iOS Widgets

HitPay offers convenient ways to stay updated and informed about your business activities using widgets on iOS. Products

Installing the HitPay Widget

  1. From the Home Screen, touch and hold a widget or an empty area until the apps jiggle.
  2. Tap the + button in the upper-left corner.
  3. Select the HitPay widget and choose the widget type you’d like to add. HitPay offers both small and medium widget views.
  4. Tap Add Widget and then tap Done.

Customizing the HitPay Widget

  1. Long-press on the HitPay widget from your home screen.
  2. Click on “Edit Widget.”
  3. Select your desired filters and adjust the following fields:
    • Business
    • Date Range
    • Data (choose 2 for small widget, choose 4 for medium widget)
    • Gross Sales
    • Number of Sales
    • Refunds
    • Net Sales
    • HitPay Fees
    • Net Collected