When your customers make a purchase from your business, providing them with a receipt is essential for accounting, refunds, and ensuring a seamless customer experience. After completing a transaction, you will be able to see a payment success screen. Below the prompt; “How would you like to receive your receipts?”, you can choose the any of the methods available.

HitPay supports multiple types of receipts to cater to various customer preferences:

  1. Print Receipts
  2. Email Receipts
  3. SMS Receipts
  4. Image Receipts (iOS only)
Receipts are generated after the completion of a payment. Additionally, you can access and generate receipts from the transaction history.

Sending Receipts

After completing a successful transaction, follow these steps to provide a receipt to your customer:

Print Receipts

Send Receipts by Email

  • Click on “Email”
  • Enter your customer’s email and click send.
  • The customer’s email will be added as a customer in the HitPay system.

Send Receipts by SMS

  • Click on “Text”
  • Enter your customer’s mobile phone number and click send.
You can also access or resend a receipt from the transactions tab by selecting a specific transaction and clicking on Share receipt.

Email Receipts

Email receipts offer a convenient way to share transaction details with customers. You can customize the content and appearance of email receipts through the HitPay Web Dashboard. This allows you to include essential business information, special messages, and branding.

How to Customize Email Receipts via HitPay Web Dashboard

Navigate to Settings > Email Templates. On the top header, toggle to select the type of email you want to edit. This can be Payment Receipt, Order Confirmation, or Recurring Invoice. Fill in details with your preferred text.

You can edit the email subject, title, subtitle and footer. For recurring invoice, you can also edit the action button text and color. The transaction details cannot be edited as that is automated from the customer’s purchase.

Include variables to automate information: Variables fill in data automatically. This can help you save time and prevent errors (e.g. typos when filling in information). To use a variable, simply copy and paste the variable into your email text. You can find the available variables at the bottom of the page.

Click Save Changes when done.

You can click Send test email to see how your email will look. If you would like to go back to the default email by HitPay, simply click Revert to default followed by Save changes.

Text Receipts

Text receipts are currently available for Singapore, Malaysia, and USA numbers. Your customer will receive an SMS containing a link from receipt.hit-pay.com/uniquecode. When the link is opened, your customer will see the breakdown of their order.

If a customer doesn’t receive a text message receipt, one or more of the following may have occurred:

  • The customer doesn’t have a valid text messaging plan.
  • The customer’s phone carrier has blocked the text.
  • The customer’s phone number is outside of HitPay’s supported region.

When this happens, you can send the receipt to a valid email address instead.

Image Receipt (iOS only)

HitPay offers the convenience of sharing receipts as images. This feature enables you to share receipt images via platforms like AirDrop, without requiring customers to share personal information.

Printed receipts provide tangible proof of purchase. These receipts can be printed by using HitPay’s Bluetooth Printer.

For printed receipts, you can customize the information via your HitPay app.

Customizing Printed Receipts

By default, printed receipts display:

  • Business logo
  • Business display name
  • Business address & phone number
  • Cashier display name
  • “Powered by HitPay” footer

You can customize your printed receipts by navigating to the Settings tab and clicking on Receipt Customization.

Printing Receipts Automatically

You can streamline your checkout process by configuring the HitPay POS app to automatically print receipts after each transaction. Follow these simple steps to customize your receipt settings:

  1. Open HitPay app
  2. Go to Settings > Printer
  3. Click on the Printer Settings (Gear Icon) on the top right of the page.
  4. To enable automatic receipt printing, enable the “Print receipts automatically” toggle.
  5. Select the number of receipts to be printed
  6. If you are printing more than 1 receipt, you can set the time delay between each prints
  7. Once you’ve configured your preferences, click on the “Save” button to apply the changes.

From now on, every transaction made through the HitPay POS app will automatically trigger the printing of receipts according to your customized settings.