As a business owner, allowing customers to leave tips can enhance customer satisfaction and show appreciation for your service. HitPay POS provides you with the capability to enable and collect tips seamlessly, providing customers with the flexibility to express their gratitude.

Enabling Tips

Enabling tips is a straightforward process that can be configured to suit your preferences. Here’s how you can enable tips for sales on HitPay POS:

  • Open the HitPay app and go to the Tools tab and click on Taxes to access the tax settings page.
  • Toggle on the Enable Tips option. This will ensure that the Tipping page is displayed during customer checkout.
  • Enter preset tip percentages in the Tip Option fields. You can set up to three different values.
(Optional) If you want to allow custom tip amounts, disable the Custom Tip Amount option.

Click Save to apply the changes.

Collecting a Tip

When Tips are enabled, customers can conveniently leave tips during the checkout process:

While using the HitPay app in Point of Sale mode, create a Quick Sale or Products charge. After clicking Charge or Go to Cart, you’ll be directed to the Cart page where you can proceed to checkout. Select your preferred payment method and proceed to the Order Confirmation Page. If you’ve enabled tips, your customers will see the Tip Selection page and if a Custom Tip Amount is enabled, customers will have the option to enter a custom tip along with preset tip percentages. If Custom Tip Amount is disabled, only preset tip percentages will be displayed. After making the tip selection, customers will be guided to the Payment Acceptance page to complete the transaction.