As a business owner, you may find it beneficial to offer discounts on your products or services. With HitPay POS, managing and applying discounts is made simple through our Discount feature.

Creating a Discount

Open the HitPay app and navigate to the Tools tab. Click on Discounts and then the “Create Discount” button to create a new discount.

Enter the necessary discount details:

  • Discount Type (Percentage Discounts vs Fixed Amount Discounts)
  • Discount Amount
  • Discount Name

Your newly created discounts will be displayed as a list on the Discounts page.

Applying Discounts during Checkout

While using the HitPay app in Point of Sale mode, either add a product to the cart or enter a quick sale amount. After clicking Charge or Go to cart, you’ll be directed to the Cart page.

Follow these steps to apply a discount:

  1. Click on the Add Discounts button on the Cart page.
  2. A list of existing discounts will appear; choose from the list or create a new one by clicking on the Add a Discount button.
  3. To apply a discount, simply tap on it. Select the discount(s) you want to apply and click Apply.

The applied discounts and their corresponding amounts will be visible on the Checkout page, contributing to the Total. To remove a discount, deselect it from the list and click Apply.

  • Percentage discounts can be applied to an entire cart order or to individual products within the cart.
  • Fixed amount discounts can only be applied to an entire cart order.
  • Discounts are applied before taxes by default.

Applying Discounts to an Entire Cart Order

From the Cart page, click on the Add a Discount button. Select a discount from the list and click Apply. You can confirm the discount amount from the cart page. The applied discounts will appear as a line item under the Discounts section.

For quick sale orders, Percentage discounts are applied to the entire cart. For product orders, Percentage discounts are applied to all products. You can apply or remove discounts to individual products afterward.

Applying Discounts to Individual Products

From the Cart page, click on a specific product you’d like to apply a discount to. Choose a discount from the list of percentage discounts for that product by checking the checkbox. Click Update Cart. You can confirm whether a discount is applied to the product by looking at the product line item in the cart. A discounted product will have the Discount label next to its original price.

Applying Multiple Discounts

When applying multiple discounts to an entire cart, discounts will be stacked, compounding their effects.

Here’s an example:

A discount of 10% is added to a 100order.HitPaycalculatesthediscountamounttobe100 order. HitPay calculates the discount amount to be10. The remaining discounted order total is 90.Aseconddiscountof590. A second discount of 5% is added to the order. This will be applied to the discounted total of 90, resulting in the second discount amount to be 4.5insteadof4.5 instead of 5. Hence, the final discounted order total will be $85.5 When applying a combination of Fixed Amount and Percentage discounts, the Percentage Discounts will always be applied first and then followed by the Fixed Amount discounts.

Do note that Fixed Amount discounts will only be applied at the Cart Order level, and cannot be applied to individual products.