The HitPay App features modes tailored to meet your specific payment needs. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive checkout experience or a swift transaction, HitPay offers two modes:

  • Point of Sale Mode
  • Quick Sale Mode

Point of Sale Mode

When you need advanced sales management capabilities, Point of Sale mode is the perfect choice. From managing inventory to applying discounts, surcharges, and taxes, this mode offers a comprehensive checkout process.

This mode is especially suitable for businesses that need to efficiently keep track of their inventory, add diverse products to their cart, and apply various discounts, surcharges, and taxes to sales transactions. It offers a comprehensive solution for retailers with complex product ranges, sales intricacies, and the need to manage order complexities. Through the “Products” tab, you gain access to inventory management capabilities, while the cart functionality enables compilation of multiple items in a single sale. Additionally, you can exercise fine control over surcharges, discounts, and taxes, ensuring accurate and tailored sales transactions.

Quick Sale Mode

For quicker transactions, Quick Sale mode is the solution. When speed and simplicity matter, this mode allows you to swiftly enter an amount and accept payments from your customers.

The Quick Sale mode is designed for businesses that prioritize quick and seamless payment processing. Ideal for scenarios where detailed product management is unnecessary, this mode accelerates the checkout process by enabling direct entry of payment amounts. Well-suited for quick-service restaurants, pop-up events, and settings with high transaction volumes, this mode streamlines the payment experience, benefitting both you and customers.

Mode Comparison

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the key features in each mode:

Point of Sale ModeQuick Sale Mode
Use CaseManaging detailed salesUsed for speedy checkout
Inventory ManagementAvailable via the Products tabNot available
Enter Custom AmountAvailable via the Keypad tabAvailable
CartAvailableNot available
Surcharges & DiscountsAvailableNot added to the sale
TaxAvailableNot added to the sale

Switching Between Modes

Switching between modes is effortless:

  1. Swipe right or click on your profile to access the side menu.
  2. Tap the mode button located at the bottom of the side menu.
  3. Select your preferred mode.

The app also remembers your last selected mode, so you don’t have to keep switching between modes.