Refund Process

The refund process streamlines managing and processing HitPay order refunds. This guide outlines steps for seamless handling and offers vital information.

It’s important to maintain sufficient balance in your HitPay account (for non-card payments) and Stripe accounts (for card payments) to execute refunds.

If your HitPay account balance is insufficient, navigate to Bank Payouts > HitPay Balance and click Top Up to top up manually.

Topping up your HitPay balance is a feature currently available for Singapore-based businesses only

Refunds can be processed within specific time periods. Refer to the table below for details regarding refund processing time and the maximum allowable refund period for each payment method available on HitPay, along with the source from which refunds are deducted:

Payment MethodRefund Processing TimeRefund amount deducted from?Max Refund Period
Cards3 - 5 Business DaysStripe BalanceNone
PayNow QRInstantHitPay Balance30 Days
GrabPayInstantHitPay Balance30 Days
PayLater by GrabInstantHitPay Balance30 Days
ShopeePayInstantHitPay Balance30 Days
AtomeInstantHitPay Balance30 Days
WeChat PayInstantHitPay Balance30 Days
AliPay PlusInstantHitPay Balance30 Days
Shopback PayInstantHitPay Balance30 Days

Please note that fees are not refunded

How to Process Refunds

Step-By-Step Refund Process for Desktop

Follow these steps to process refunds using HitPay:

  1. Navigate to Bank Payouts > Transactions
  2. Click on the transaction that you would like to refund
  3. Click on the Refund button
  4. Click on the Confirm button and wait for the refund success message
If you want to fully refund the transaction, leave the refund amount field empty or enter the specific refund amount if you want to partially refund the transaction.

Understanding Refund Errors

When attempting to process a refund on HitPay transactions, you might encounter errors due to two main reasons:

  1. Insufficient Funds: If your HitPay balance does not have the necessary funds to cover the refund amount.

  2. Exceeded Refund Period: If the refund surpasses the allowable refund period.

To verify your HitPay balance, navigate to Bank Payouts > Hitpay Balance.

For a successful refund, ensure that your Available to Pay Out balance or your Reserves balance holds at least the amount you intend to refund. If the balance isn’t sufficient, you can wait for new transactions to come into your HitPay account, or you can manually top up your balance.

Furthermore, refunds must be executed within a designated timeframe. Refer to the table above to confirm the maximum refund period for each payment method.

In cases where a refund surpasses the permissible time window, consider an alternative approach. You can initiate a direct transfer to the customer instead.


Understanding Chargebacks

A chargeback, also referred to as a dispute, arises when a cardholder questions a payment with their card issuer (usually their bank). The card issuer initiates a formal dispute, resulting in an immediate reversal of the payment. This reversal includes both the original payment amount and an additional dispute fee mandated by the card network. The deduction is made from your HitPay account.

During the dispute resolution process, HitPay deducts the original payment amount along with an administrative fee.

If the dispute is resolved in your favor, the disputed payment amount and administrative fee are returned to you. However, if the dispute is upheld, the decision of the card issuer prevails, and the cardholder’s payment remains refunded.

Challenging a Dispute

If you wish to challenge a card dispute, please send an email to with the following subject header:

Dispute Response: (Business Name)

Include supporting documents or evidence relevant to the dispute category. For assistance in preparing a dispute challenge, consult the guidance on this page: Dispute Category Types.

Chargeback Process

Chargeback Fees and Liability

In the event of a chargeback, both the chargeback fee and the complete original transaction amount will be reversed from your merchant balance.

CountryChargeback Fee
Singapore20 SGD
Malaysia200 MYR
Australia40 AUD
New Zealand45 NZD
United Kingdom25 GBP
Canada30 CAD
Brazil110 BRL
Hong Kong170 HKD
India2000 INR
Japan3000 JPY
Thailand600 THB
Mexico400 MXN
Czechia700 CZK
Denmark250 DKK
Sweden300 SEK
European Union25 EUR
European Union countries covered include Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, and Spain

All card payments are processed using 3DS technology, defaulting to protecting HitPay merchants from chargebacks and shifting payment liability to the bank. However, if the issuing bank submits a chargeback, the mentioned fees will be applicable.

Given that HitPay bears the merchant’s risk, in case of a chargeback, the associated fees and transaction amount are immediately deducted from your Stripe balance.

Payments authenticated through 3D Secure come with a liability shift. If a 3D Secure payment is disputed as fraudulent by the cardholder, the liability shifts from you to the card issuer, which is the bank.

For payments disputed for reasons other than fraud, such as non-receipt of a product, the standard dispute process applies.

Please note that policies are subject to change without prior notice.