Customizing the checkout process is essential for maintaining your brand’s identity and improving the user experience. With the Checkout Customization option, you can tailor the appearance of the checkout page to match your brand’s aesthetics. This includes selecting the preferred payment gateway and configuring various elements of the checkout page to align with your design preferences.

The following rules can be customized by HitPay merchants:

  • Checkout Color Theme
  • Enable/Disable Pass-the-fee per Payment Method
  • Display Payment Methods by Order of Preference
  • Checkout Rules

To enable rules in HitPay Smart Checkout, navigate to Settings > Checkout Customisation in the HitPay dashboard.

Checkout Customisation
All the settiings saved here will be applicable to all your HitPay Sales Channels/Integrations

Checkout Colour Theme

You can set the theme color of you checkout page as default, light, or custom color.

Enable/Disable Pass-the-fee per Payment Method

This guide provides a detailed walkthrough on how to enable the pass-the-fee feature for specific payment methods during the checkout process.

You’ll have the flexibility to select the payment methods for which you want to activate this feature. Set the desired percentage rate to be charged to customers and specify the Sales Channels where these settings should be applied. Additionally, you can customize the text description that will be displayed to customers during checkout.

Displaying Payment Methods by Preference

On the HitPay checkout page, you have the ability to arrange payment methods in a specific order based on preference. Only the payment methods that are enabled by you will appear on the checkout page.

You can set the order of the payment methods displayed by dragging the payment methods from right to left. The rightmost payment method will be the first one displayed to the customer during checkout.

The chosen order of payment methods will apply across all your HitPay Sales Channels and Integrations.

Checkout Rules

Enable/Disable Payment Methods by Total Checkout/Order Amount

Adding Payment Method Amount Rules - You have the flexibility to define up to three payment method amount rules. Each rule lets you specify the range of checkout amounts for which a particular payment method will be enabled or disabled:

For instance, you might set the following rule:

  • Minimum Amount: $0
  • Maximum Amount: $1000
  • Payment Method: PayNow

This means that customers with a total checkout amount between $0 - 1000 will see the PayNow payment method as an option. Beyond this range, the payment method will automatically be disabled.

Any rules you set will apply across all your HitPay sales channels and integrations.

Display Payment Methods Based on Device

You can also tailor the payment methods presented to customers based on the device they are using for payment. You can customize the available payment methods separately for both Mobile and Desktop devices.

This level of customization ensures a seamless and optimized payment experience for customers depending on the device they’re using.

The device-based rules you set will be effective across all your HitPay sales channels and integrations.

FX Currency Display

This feature is currently available to Indonesian users only.

If your payment methods do not support foreign currencies, you can utilize the “FX Currency Display” feature. This allows you to provide users with an approximate amount in a foreign currency, such as USD, offering a convenient viewing experience. A common application of this feature is with Indonesian payment methods that do not support USD. By enabling this feature, a payment link sent to your customer will automatically display the amount in USD.

Checkout Customisation

Please note that this is a display currency only. Customers will be charged in IDR, not USD. The FX rate used is based on the mid-market rate and is an approximate estimation only.
Steps Enable FX Currency Display

  1. Navigate to Payment Gateway > Checkout Customization.
  2. Scroll down to Display FX Conversion (Only available for Indonesian users)
  3. Toggle on the Display FX Conversion feature.
  4. Choose the foreign currency you want to display to your customers.
  5. Select the applicable channel. You can enable this feature for specific channels like “Shopify Plugin”, “Payment Links”, or across all channels.

That’s it! Your checkout page will now display the FX conversion.