Welcome to the Account Creation process for HitPay! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to create your HitPay account, enabling you to seamlessly manage your business transactions and payments. Whether you’re new to HitPay or looking to set up a test account, we’ve got you covered.

  • Sign Up: To begin your journey with HitPay, please visit our Sign Up Page and get started on unlocking a world of streamlined payment solutions.

  • Sandbox Environment: If you’re keen on exploring the functionalities of HitPay in a safe environment, you can also create a test account in our Sandbox. Simply follow the steps provided on our Sandbox Account Creation Page.

HitPay Account Setup

Before you dive into the account creation process, here’s a sneak peek of the six essential steps you’ll be taking:


  1. Create an Account: Begin by selecting your country. It’s important to choose the correct country, as this choice is permanent once made.
  1. Business Info: Provide fundamental details about your business. This step lays the foundation for accurate and efficient transactions.

  2. Connect Your Bank: Seamlessly link your preferred bank account. This is the account where your payouts will be securely sent.

  3. Owner Verification: Ensure a smooth and secure experience by completing a selfie and liveliness check. This step adds an extra layer of authentication.

  4. Business Verification: Fill out the verification form to submit your application for approval. This verification process is essential to maintaining a trustworthy and secure ecosystem.

  5. Choose Payment Methods: Tailor your experience by selecting the payment methods that best suit your business needs. Our flexible options cater to a wide range of preferences.


For any additional questions or concerns, our support team (support@hit-pay.com) is always available to provide assistance and ensure your account creation process is as smooth as possible.