Hitpay provides simple APIs to start accepting online payments on your e-Commerce or other platforms. With this single integration, you can start accepting PayNow (Singapore), Visa, Master, GrabPay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, American Express, AliPay, and WeChat Pay on a single checkout page hosted on HitPay.

HitPay’s PayNow integration allows you to fully automate PayNow acceptance in Singapore, providing instant feedback and webhooks.

Getting Started

Before you begin exploring the APIs, you need to create a Hitpay account. Refer to the here section for instructions on how to create a Hitpay account.

For API integration, it is highly recommended that you use a Sandbox Account
Sandbox Account: You can create your sandbox account here https://dashboard.sandbox.hit-pay.com/register

Online Payments APIs

Use the Payment Request APIs to start accepting online payments

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Other APIs

In addition to the payment request APIs, Hitpay also provides APIs for recurring billing and invoicing.