As a business owner, you might need to incorporate additional fees, such as service fees or administrative charges, into your products or services. With HitPay POS, managing these extra fees becomes effortless through our Surcharge feature.

Creating a Surcharge

Open the HitPay app and navigate to the Tools tab and click on Surcharges. Click the + button to create a new surcharge.

Enter the required surcharge details:

  • Name
  • Surcharge rate
  • Choose whether the surcharge should be applied to checkout by default

Your newly created surcharges will be displayed as a list on the Surcharges page.

Applying a Surcharge at Checkout

While using the HitPay app in Point of Sale mode, create a charge. After clicking Charge or Go to Cart, you’ll be directed to the Cart page. If you’ve set a default surcharge, it will automatically be added to the total amount on the cart page. If there are no surcharges set to be applied by default, you can click the More actions button to reveal a dropdown menu and select Add Surcharge. If you’ve previously created surcharges, you’ll see a list of available surcharge. Otherwise, you’ll be prompted to create a new tax.

Swipe left on an existing surcharge to edit its details.

To apply a surcharge, simply tap on it. Select the surcharge(s) you want to apply and click Apply. The applied surcharge and corresponding amount will be visible on the Checkout page, contributing to the Total. To remove a surcharge, deselect it from the list and click Apply.

Automatically Adding a Surcharge to Checkout

When creating a surcharge, ensure that the “Apply at checkout by default” toggle is turned on. In the list of surcharges, a checkmark will indicate which surcharge is applied to Checkout by default. This surcharge will be automatically added to the checkout page when you charge your next payment.

Surcharge Calculations

Surcharge calculations are based on the product or quick sale total. For example:

For Products:

  • Product A = $60.00
  • Product B = $40.00
  • Product Total = $100.00
  • Surcharge 10% = $10.00

For Quick Sale:

  • Quick Sale Total = $100.00
  • Surcharge 10% = $10.00

How will discounts affect surcharge fees?

A percentage surcharge calculates the surcharge amount based on the PRE-DISCOUNT total amount.

Calculate the surcharge on the pre-discount check total: 10.001010.00 * 10% = 1.00

Add the service charge of #1.00 to the check total: 10.00+10.00 + 1.00 = $11.00

Deduct the 2.00discountfromtheadjustedchecktotal:2.00 discount from the adjusted check total: 11.00 - 2.00=2.00 = **9.00**