Send Payments Overview

HitPay merchants can send payments to suppliers, contractors, and other business vendors from over 150 countries using local bank transfer rails or traditional SWIFT payment rails. This guide will help you add beneficiaries and send payments efficiently.

Adding a Beneficiary


Navigate to Beneficiaries

Go to Send Payments > Beneficiaries from the HitPay Dashboard.


Add Beneficiary

Click on Add Beneficiary and fill in the required details.

Sending a Payment


Navigate to Overview

From the HitPay Dashboard, go to Send Payments > Overview.


Send Payment

Click on the Send Payment button.


Select Beneficiary and Enter Details

Select the beneficiary and enter the transfer details as shown below.

Send Payments - Status

After successfully initiating a send payment transaction, the transaction status can be:

A) Pending B) Completed

The transaction status can be viewed under Send Payments > Transfer History.