Account Setup

Create a HitPay account

  1. Create a Hitpay account
  2. Setup PayNow (Singapore Only) in the HitPay Dashboard under Settings > Payment Methods > PayNow
  3. To accept card payments complete the payment details under Settings > Payment Methods > Credit Cards
  4. Generate API keys under Settings > Payment Gateway > API Keys. These keys will give you access to create payment requests.


You can test all our API endpoints in our Sandbox Platform. By signing up on our Sandbox account, you can mock transactions to do end-to-end testing of your Integration flow.

The base URL for the production environment will be


You can test PayNow transactions on our sandbox by scanning the dummy PayNow QR using any QR code reader.

Now that you have the account setup completed let's get started with the payment integration.

What’s Next

Now that we have created a hitpay account, we can start out payment integration.