This section is only relevant to the following countries: Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia.


The HitPay Wallet offers a secure and efficient way to manage your incoming funds, providing you with a centralized digital wallet where all your incoming funds are accumulated. Once your HitPay account is created, a wallet is automatically created based on your country’s home currency. With each accepted payment, funds are accumulated within your wallet.


Supported Payment Methods

  • Singapore

  • Malaysia

  • Philippines

Supported Payment Methods:

  • PayNow
  • Grab
  • Shopback
  • Shopee Pay
  • Atome

Payment Methods Not Part of HitPay Wallet

  • Singapore

  • Philippines

  • Malaysia

Payment Methods:

  • Cards by Stripe

Flow of Funds

Understanding the Flow of Funds in Your Wallet

Each wallet consists of three distinct sub-wallets, each serving a specific purpose: available, pending, and reserve.

  1. Pending Balance: When a payment is made, the corresponding amount is initially accumulated in the pending balance.
  2. Available Balance: After one day, confirmed payments are moved from the pending balance to the available balance. Funds in the available balance will be paid out in the next payout cycle.
  3. Reserve Balance: The reserve balance holds funds that can be used for refunds and chargebacks, ensuring a seamless refund process for your customers.


For payout information, please refer to the next section.

Viewing Transaction History

You can easily review your complete transaction history within your HitPay account dashboard. Simply navigate to Sales & Reports > Transactions to access all relevant details.

Managing Your HitPay Wallet

Changing Your Payout Schedule

HitPay offers you the flexibility to customize your payout schedule for the funds accumulated in your HitPay Wallet. Whether you prefer weekly, monthly, or manual payouts, you have full control over your financial flow. Click here to learn more

Holding Funds in Your Reserve Wallet

If you wish to maintain a reserve of funds for refund purposes, you can easily move funds to your Reserve wallet. Funds in the Reserve wallet will not be included in regular payouts until they are moved back to the Available balance. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Sales & Reports > HitPay Balance.
  2. Click on Reserve.
  3. Click on the link labeled here to transfer funds between available and reserve balance.
  4. Select the transfer request, enter the transfer amount, and click Confirm.

Frequently Asked Questions

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