You can use the the xero integration to sync your payments data from hitpay to your accounting software Xero.

Integration Guide

  1. Log in to your Xero Dashboard, navigate to Accounting > Chart of Accounts > Add Account, and enable the option “Enable payments to this account”. Enable Xero

  2. Log in to your HitPay Dashboard, click on Settings > Connections > Xero > View Details under the Accounting section: HitPay Connect

  3. Click the Connect to Xero button. This will navigate you to the Xero Login screen. Enter your Xero credentials and continue.

  4. Upon successful connection, you will see the below success dialogue in the HitPay Dashboard, which displays your Xero Organisation.

    By connecting your Xero account to HitPay, a HitPay clearing bank account is automatically created. This clearing bank account allows for automatic reconciliation between HitPay sales and your real bank account credits.
    Xero Invoice

Feed Sales Data to Xero

This connection will also allow you to feed HitPay sales data into your Xero account. This will automatically create a Sales invoice for Total HitPay Sales (excluding Xero Invoice Payments and Total HitPay Fees).

To enable this sync, select a Sync Start Date. You can also configure the following details:

  • Select Xero Branding Theme: Select Standard from the dropdown options.
  • Select Xero Bank Account for Payout: Choose your bank account set up in Xero. This is your ‘real’ bank account linked in HitPay for PayNow payment acceptance and in Stripe for other payment methods.
    The selected bank account enables automatic daily reconciliation between the HitPay bank clearing account and your ‘real’ bank account. The example below shows a daily bank transfer between HitPay clearing account and your ‘real’ bank account. The transfer amount equals total HitPay sales minus Total HitPay fees.
    Note: For more details, please refer to this guide