Integrating Google Analytics and Meta Pixel into your online shop provides powerful tools to track key metrics and user behavior. This guide will help you set up both services to gather valuable data for making informed decisions to grow your business.

Setting Up Google Analytics

Follow these steps to add Google Analytics to your online shop:

Step 1: Sign Up for Google Analytics

  • Visit Google Analytics and click Start Measuring.
  • Follow the instructions to create your account, leading you to the dashboard.

Step 2: Obtain Your Measurement ID

  • In the dashboard, click Admin, select your account and property.
  • Navigate to Data Streams, choose Web, and input your store’s URL and name.
  • After creating the stream, copy your Measurement ID.

Step 3: Add Measurement ID to HitPay

  • Access your HitPay dashboard and go to Online Store > Settings > Store settings > Analytics.
  • Enable Google Analytics and paste the Measurement ID.
  • Save changes to integrate.

Step 4: Verify Integration

  • Return to Google Analytics and click on Home.
  • Refresh after a few minutes to check if your store appears in the tracking.

Setting Up Meta Pixel

Improve data collection with Meta Pixel using these steps:

Step 1: Get Your Meta Pixel ID

  • Sign into Facebook Business Account, go to Business Settings, then Data Sources > Pixels.
  • Click Add, enter your store URL, select Continue Managing My Business, and copy the Pixel ID displayed.

Step 2: Integrate Meta Pixel ID into HitPay

  • In HitPay dashboard, navigate to Online Store > Settings > Store settings > Analytics.
  • Activate Meta Pixel and insert the Pixel ID.
  • Save changes to enable tracking.

Step 3: Test Your Meta Pixel

  • Visit your store, add an item to the cart, and check Pixel activity in Facebook Business Manager under Pixels.