HitPay allows you to create product categories in your HitPay Online Store. Organizing your products into categories helps customers navigate your store more effectively. For instance, if your store offers smartphones, you can categorize them into meaningful groups such as ‘Android’ and ‘iOS.’ Furthermore, within the ‘Android’ category, you can create subcategories like ‘Samsung,’ ‘OnePlus,’ and ‘Google Pixel,’ providing a structured and user-friendly way for customers to find their desired products.

Product Categories

Managing Product Categories

To manage your product categories:

  • Go to your HitPay Web Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Products > Product Categories

Adding a New Category

When you create a new category, customers visiting your online store will see the new category displayed on the homepage amongst all other categories, making it simpler for them to browse and choose products that fall under the designated category.

  1. On the Product Categories page, click the Add Category button.
  2. Provide a name and description(optional) for the category.
  3. Click Save Changes when done.

Assign Products to a Category

  1. On the Product Categories Page, click on the category you’d like to add products to.
  2. Click Add Product and click Save when done.

After assigning products to a category, customers will find those products displayed under the relevant category on your online store, making the shopping experience seamless and more organized.

Adjusting Product Order:

  • Click and hold on a product, then drag it to the desired position within the category.

  • Release the mouse button to drop the product into its new position.

You can rearrange products within specific categories and in the All Products view to fine-tune the display order across your entire product inventory.

Rearranging the order of products within a category or in the All Products view lets you prioritize how products are displayed to customers. This allows you to display popular or featured products first.

Rearranging Categories

Rearranging categories changes the order in which categories appear on your online store. This can help you emphasize certain categories, promote seasonal items, or adjust the layout to match changing customer preferences.

To rearrange categories:

  1. Click the three vertical dots next to a category.
  2. Click and hold on the product, then drag it to your preferred position. Your changes are automatically saved.