This section covers various aspects of managing products on HitPay’s Web Dashboard. Whether you’re adding individual products or importing products in bulk, we’ve got you covered with easy-to-follow instructions.


Adding products on HitPay is a straightforward process that allows you to sell your products on your online store. You have the option to add products one by one or by using the bulk upload option to streamline the process. This way, you can have your products ready for sale in no time.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about products and the step-by-step process of adding products on into your online store.


Adding Individual Products

From the web dashboard, navigate to Products > Products, click on the Add Products button to access the Add Product page. You have the option to add:

  • Product images
  • Multiple product categories to enhance customer navigation
  • Product variants such as size or colour
  • Inventory status to add an order limit for a product and create urgency

Complete the required product fields and click the Publish button when done.

Product Variations

You can add unlimited variations to each of your products on HitPay. Variations can include size, color, material or any other custom variation.

Product Variants

You can add variants by toggling Enable Variants while creating a product or in the Edit Product page which can be accessed by navigating to Products > Products and clicking on the product you’d like to edit. Click on Size, Color, or Material to add variants.

Note that these are placeholders and you can add your own type of variant

You can click on the “Others” button to add your own custom variant type

You can set different prices for different variants of the same product.

Hit the Publish or Save button after adding your product variations and other product details.

Featured Product option allows highlighting specific products that can be promoted easily on your online store. Enabling the featured product option for different products in Hitpay turns all of your featured products to show every where at first. To make a product as a featured product:

  • Navigate to the Create/Edit Products page and enable the Featured Products checkmark.
  • Click Publish/Save to save your changes.

Product on Sale

Encourage purchases by visibly demonstrating the savings customers will enjoy on sale items.

To showcase your products on sale and display price comparisons:

  • Navigate to the Create/Edit Products page.
  • Activate the On Sale option to signal that the product is offered at a discounted rate.
  • Input the Price Before Discount, ensuring it is set higher than the selling price.
  • Specify the Selling Price to indicate the current sale price of the product.
  • The system will automatically display the price before discount with a strikethrough next to the selling price on your online store, allowing customers to easily see the price comparison and savings.

Adding Products in Bulk

This feature is only available from the web dashboard

You also have the option of adding products in bulk into HitPay via the Web Dashboard, you can import products directly from Shopify, Shopee and Lazada or use CSV to bulk add and edit products. To add products in bulk, navigate to Products > Products on the HitPay dashboard and click on Add Products In Bulk

You can also download the CSV product template from the Bulk Upload Popup to understand the needed CSV file structure better.

Understanding the CSV File Structure:

  • Handles

    Handles are unique names for each product and cannot contain spaces. You can use handles to update existing products or add product variants. While handles are not required, if you don't provide one, the system will automatically generate one based on your product name. If you need to find the handle to update existing products, you can export your current products to retrieve it.

  • Products with Variants

    For products with variants, the CSV file structure is: The first row with the same product handle represents the main product. Variant names should be placed on the main product row under designated columns such as "Variant1 Name," "Variant2 Name," and so forth. The subsequent rows pertain to the product variants, and each row should include the corresponding variant values under columns "Variant1 Value," "Variant2 Value," and so on.

  • Main Product Vs Product Variants

    The columns "Name," "SKU," "Description," "Publish," "Manage Inventory," and "Category" are specific to the core product and should be left blank in the CSV file for variant rows. These columns do not apply to variant entries.

Add your product details in the file template and upload the completed product file. Your products will be published within minutes and you'll receive an email notification upon successful upload.

Adding Products in Bulk from Shopify, Shopee and Lazada

Easily bring in your products from Shopify, Shopee, and Lazada. This import process is a one-time action and doesn't involve ongoing inventory synchronization. Any modifications to the product or inventory in HitPay or the external platform will not reflect in the other platform.

To import products from Shopify, follow these steps:

  • In your Shopify account, follow their guidelines to export your products.
  • On your HitPay dashboard, navigate to Products > Products and click on Add Products In Bulk.
  • Choose Shopify as the source and upload the previously downloaded CSV file.
  • Click on Save.
  • You will be notified by email when your Shopify products are imported into HitPay. If there are any issues with your file, the email notification will provide an explanation.

Performing Bulk Actions

HitPay’s Web Dashboard empowers you wth the ability to perform bulk actions on multiple products at a time.

You have the ability to perform these actions:

  • Publish products
  • Unpublish products
  • Delete products

To perform bulk actions, navigate to Products > Products on the HitPay dashboard, mark the products you’d like to edit by clicking on the checkbox right next to the product names and click the More actions button on the top left corner of the products list to open a dropdown menu of the possible actions.

Inventory Management

To keep track of an item’s inventory, HitPay offers an intuitive inventory tracking feature that can be enabled by going to the Create/Edit Products page and turning on the Manage Inventory toggle

  • After enabling inventory management for a product, you can update the Available Quantity to store the product’s inventory.
(Optional) You can also set a low quantity alert. You will receive an email if the product’s quantity reaches the set quantity.
  • Continue Selling When Out of Stock:

    Sometimes a product might be marked out of stock but you would like to continue selling anyway, simply check the Continue selling when out of stock checkmark.