Account Setup

Before you begin integrating HitPay payments into your EasyStore site, you need to set up your HitPay account and ensure some prerequisites are met:

  1. If you haven’t already, create an account on HitPay.
  2. Ensure that you have the necessary payment methods activated in your HitPay account.
  3. Make sure the payment methods you want to offer are enabled in your Easystore sales channel.

Integration Guide

  1. Click Settings > Payments in your EasyStore admin:

EasyStore Admin

  1. Activate HitPay payment gateway by clicking on this link

  2. Copy/Paste the API Keys and Salt Values from HitPay. You can find your API and Salt Keys by navigating to Payments > API Keys in the HitPay dashboard. API Keys

  3. Complete the HitPay Configuration settings by following the step by step guide found in the configuration page.

EasyStore Configuration

  1. Ensure your desired payment methods are checked on EasyStore dashboard by navigating to Settings > Payments > HitPay, select your desired payment methods and click Save.

  2. Add your desired sub payment methods by selecting the “Add sub payment methods” option EasyStore Link

  3. Enable/disable the payment methods for your EasyStore Checkout by updating your Integration Settings for Links and Payment Requests API:

EasyStore Link EasyStore Integration

The Payment Request APIs and Links options are the Sales Channels currently applicable for EasyStore, but kindly note that this settings will also affect your other Links and Payment Request APIs, like if for example you generate a direct payment link from your dashboard or if also have a custom-built website that is integrated to Hitpay via API integration.

HitPay is now live on your EasyStore Site! 🎉


In Easystore, refunding transactions is a two-step process. You’ll need to process the refund in the HitPay dashboard and manually update your Easystore order as refunded.

Important Note: Successful refunds must meet the criteria of the payment method used. For more details, check out the refund process documentation.

Processing Refunds in HitPay

Follow these steps to process refunds using the HitPay dashboard:

  • Navigate to Bank Payouts > Transactions.

  • Click on the transaction you would like to refund.

  • Click on the Refund button.

  • Confirm the refund by clicking on the Confirm button and wait for the refund success message.

Please Note: Initiating a refund from the HitPay dashboard will not automatically update your Easystore order. You must manually update the order status in Easystore as well.

Easystore Refund Process

In Easystore, refunds cannot be initiated from the dashboard. Instead, follow these steps to process refunds:

  • Process the refund in the HitPay dashboard as outlined above.

  • Manually mark the corresponding order as refunded in your Easystore dashboard.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage refunds for your Easystore orders.