Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install and enable the HitPay plugin on WooCommerce for accepting in-person payments using a card reader.

If you are looking for online payments, please refer to this guide.

Ideal setup for this plugin

  • If you have an existing WooCommerce store and your customers wish to make in-person card payments.
  • If you are using a POS plugin for your WooCommerce and want to integrate a card reader. Works well with plugins like wePOS and WooCommerce POS.


Before you can start using this plugin, ensure you have the following:

  1. Create a HitPay Account.
  2. Activate card payment methods.
  3. Order and set up your WisePOS-E wifi card reader.



Install HitPay WooCommerce Plugin

Search for HitPay in the keyword search field and install the plugin.

Search and Install Plugin


Configure Plugin Settings

Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Manage next to the HitPay payment method.



Enter API Keys

Copy your API keys from your HitPay dashboard and paste them in the respective fields. Keys


Connect Card Reader

Link the card reader to your WooCommerce plugin by copying the terminal ID from your HitPay dashboard and pasting it into your WooCommerce plugin.

Enable POS payments in your WooCommerce plugin settings.

POS Payments

Copy the terminal ID under Point of Sale > Terminals from your hitpay dashboard.

POS Payments

Paste the terminal ID in the Terminal Reader ID section and click Save Changes.

Save Changes


Use the Card Reader for Checkout

A new Card Reader option will now appear in the payments section of your checkout page. Select this option and click Place Order to complete the transaction.

Checkout Option Cashier View Transaction Complete

Congratulations! Your setup is complete, and your WooCommerce store is now integrated with the card reader. Customers can enjoy a seamless checkout experience, and you can manage payments through your HitPay dashboard.